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Benny Maslov

For the last four decades I have been pursuing my passion as a performer and educator. I started competing internationally at the age of nine and expanded my ballroom dance training to classical ballet, contemporary dance and later singing and acting in theatre and musicals on The West End. I'm an actor, dancer and choreographer. My TV and Film credits can be found on My company is called





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5.0 (12 reviews)

Marley Weiss (United States)
May 2022
Class: Intense Dance Fitness weekly
Benny is fantastic! This session was a BLAST! Tremendous energy, fabulous dancing, tons of fun! I hope to do this again with him whenever I can.

Ilai Szpiezak (United Kingdom)
April 2022
Class: Intense Dance Fitness 50% donated to Ukraine
Another wonderful class by Benny. He cares about his students learning while also having fun, and uses great music for all the routines. I always learn something new with him! I'll be back for more classes with Benny!

Marley Weiss (United States)
January 2022
Class: WORKSHOP: Dance Fitness
Benny’s dance fitness workshop was FANTASTIC! He is such a beautiful dancer, his moves were so clear and easy to follow, the energy was so high and infectious – what a joy! I am so very excited about the opportunity to work with Benny!

Sharon Weiss (United States)
January 2022
Class: WORKSHOP: Dance Fitness
Benny is a personable, accomplished dancer, who incorporates good music & interesting moves into his sessions. All muscle groups were worked in fun, “dance-y” ways, with just the right amount of challenge for me. I would def recommend his class!