Frequently Asked Questions

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HARKALIVE is an online marketplace for dance and movement classes taught by independent professionals from all around the world.

On HARKALIVE, instructors remain in control of what to teach, when to teach, how much to charge, and every other detail of their class.

We are the “place” where the transaction happens and where you can discover classes that fit you best, with no geographical barriers.

How do I book a class?

You can book a class in just 3 steps:

  1. SEARCH for the classes you’re interested in (use the search bar to filter as you wish)
  2. BOOK the dates and times that fit you best.
  3. PAY ... Done!

Unsure where to start? Click here!

Once payment has been made, you’ll get a confirmation email with your class access details, and any other information relevant to the class. You can also see your upcoming classes through My Dashboard.

Can I book more than one date for a class?

Sure! You’ll have the option to select any number of class dates offered by the instructor. The total price will adjust automatically depending on the number of classes you select.

Don’t forget, class dates are subject to each instructor’s schedule.

How do I access the class?

There are two ways to access your classes:

Through your email confirmation (which you’ll get once you’ve completed the booking) or through My Classes on your HARKALIVE account.

All your bookings will automatically appear on My Dashboard. Just log in, go to My Classes and access them straight from there.

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues accessing your classes. We hope you enjoy them!

How do online classes compare with in-person ones?

Online and in-person classes go hand-in-hand and complement each other 100%! While in-person is the “traditional” way to join classes (dance, yoga, pilates, barre, etc.), online classes offer a different approach and are accessible to anyone around the world.

Through HARKALIVE, you can access classes with teachers you like most, regardless of location and distance. In addition, these tend to be cheaper (approximately 40% cheaper per year) and open the possibility to join different styles, and types of classes: group weekly classes, private classes, and workshops/events.

Whether in-person or online, classes are designed to improve health, fitness, skill and overall lifestyle quality & joy. You also get to be in the same virtual space with people from across the world, how cool is that?!

Last but not least, online classes provide a new way of work for independent professionals, eliminating the need for an intermediary organization or studio to reach their audience. We are committed to supporting and providing more work opportunities for freelance instructors, connecting the world through the joy of classes!

Will I be able to improve my technique, skills, and well-being without in-person instruction?

Of course! Online classes have the same benefits as in-person ones, with the added advantages of time saved on travel and increased schedule flexibility. We encourage teachers to provide corrections, feedback and support to anyone joining online.

Fun fact - the first instructor on the platform was Ilai Szpiezak, HARKALIVE’s Co-Founder, so we have a deep understanding of what it takes to lead online classes from our own team.

Please keep in mind that certain dance & movement styles are less appropriate for a virtual environment. An instructor will make clear in the class description if a specific setup is required for that specific class.

How each class is run is decided entirely by the instructor. While we do vet teachers, HARKALIVE has no responsibility for or control over the actual class content.

The freedom to choose the teacher & class you like and to join from wherever you are can provide a better way of developing a personal relationship with your peers, teacher and chosen activity. At the end of the day, it is all about personal connection! The doors of HARKALIVE are open for you, ALWAYS.

How do I know if the teachers and classes on HARKALIVE will really help me?

We tend to connect with EVERY teacher who is part of our platform prior to the classes being listed there. Which class is best for you is a subjective decision, but we are sure you will find someone and something you will love. We’re always happy to help if you need that extra guidance. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help. If you're unsure where to start, click here and we'll help you find a class that fits you best!

All teachers are 100% committed to taking care of you personally as this is their work and what they love to do. In fact, Ilai Szpiezak, one of HARKALIVE’s co-founders was the first teacher on the platform, and continues to teach today, globally from home.

How do I get rewarded if I recommend a teacher?

If you can’t find a class you want to join, you can recommend a teacher you would like to see on HARKALIVE through this form. Once you submit your request, we will personally contact the instructor and see if we’re a good match for each other!

If all goes ahead, and their classes are listed on our platform, we’ll let you know and invite you to join one of their classes for free. We’ll pay for you to enjoy your favorite class! The teacher will get paid, and you will not have to worry about anything for that first class. It’s a win-win situation :) You join your favorite class, the instructors get paid for doing what they love, and we get to expand the HARKALIVE community.

How do I cancel a class?

To cancel a class, please email us with the subject line: CANCEL CLASS + CLASS NAME up to 24 hours before the class starts, stating that you need to cancel your attendance, so that we can handle the request. Currently, we do this manually to avoid any issues.

Within the email body, please include your full name, the email address that you booked the class with, name of teacher, name of class, and the date & time booked.

Feel free to forward us your class booking confirmation, ensuring the email address you used to make the booking is included.

How do I review a class?

Your honest feedback will mean a lot to the teachers and also go a long way in helping people across the world find classes that fit them best. The review period is open for only 14 days after the class has finished.

Once you’re in My Dashboard, click on My Classes on the left menu. Here you will see your upcoming and past classes.

Next to each past class you’ll see “Review Class”; click here to give your star rating as well as a brief written review (please be as specific and honest as possible!)

How much does it cost to use HARKALIVE and list my classes?

HARKALIVE is FREE for you as a teacher. You can sign up, create a profile and list your classes without any cost, all in less than 10 minutes.

HARKALIVE only makes money if you make money. We don’t charge a signup or subscription fee to use the platform as an instructor. We take a 10% commission from each transaction, and you keep the rest.

This means you could get an additional 20-40% income per booking on HARKALIVE than in a regular in-person studio.

Note that our payments vendor, Stripe, has separate payment processing fees that depend on where you and your customer are located (read more here: Stripe transaction fees). Some of the best brands all around the world use Stripe because of its best-in-class fees, global coverage, and security.

Please note we moderate all classes on a regular basis; any misconduct or complaint from customers will be taken seriously and we’ll take the necessary steps if any issues arise.

How much can I earn on HARKALIVE?

How much you earn on HARKALIVE is subject to how many classes you teach, how many people attend each class, and how much you charge each student.

We don’t charge you anything to be part of HARKALIVE. We keep a 10% commission from each transaction on the website. The rest goes to you as the teacher. We’re here to build the future together and support you in your own professional journey.

You can calculate your weekly earnings as follows: [Weekly number of classes you plan to teach] x [Price you’ll charge per student] x [Number of students who will attend your classes] x 90%

For example: [2 classes per week] x [$10 per student] * [10 students per class] x 90% = $180 per week

Note that aside from our 10% platform fee, there will be a payment processing fee by Stripe (approximately 2.9% + $0.30, depending on your card and location). We don’t have control over this amount, and it applies to any payment transaction online.

As independent instructors ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to liaise with other studios and organizations. That is why we decided that our focus would be in making the life and work of you as a teacher easier and better, with an eye to the future. To maximize the potential income from every class and free you from all possible overheads.

How much should I charge for my classes?

Your class price is totally up to you! Here are a few factors to consider in setting your price:

  1. Are you offering group or private classes? Private classes tend to be more expensive.
  2. Will you limit the number of people in your class? Smaller groups imply a higher price.
  3. What is the willingness-to-pay by a student given your training? If you are a former Principal Dancer from The American Ballet Theater, you can likely charge more than someone without that experience. Similarly, if you teach a rare form of dance with few experts globally, students are more likely to pay more to access your class.

Remember: the best way to get more people to attend your classes is by word-of-mouth, making your customers happy :) You could consider charging a bit less at the start, and increasing the price as students become familiar with the value you bring.

You can also offer one-off workshops and events; these are great opportunities to charge higher fees, provide a class around a specific theme, or put together a masterclass of some sort.

What are the benefits of using HARKALIVE for my own classes and business?

We are an online marketplace for dance and movement classes by independent instructors around the world. Here are 7 benefits to you as a teacher for your current classes and students, as well as new ones…

Through HARKALIVE you can:
  1. Get more people to join your own classes from anywhere around the world. Do more of what you love, do less of the admin. Just Login - List your classes - Get paid. (Use your own Teacher URL and share it on your socials to increase attendance!)
  2. Charge customers without having to send any payment links, bank accounts, phone numbers, or anything else. Get paid all in one place and receive a notification each time you get a booking without having to track different payment methods all at once. Money comes into one place, your account, you choose when to take it out and what to do with it. Transparent, fast and simple.
  3. Get people to join your classes without having to send daily or weekly login details, over and over again. This means saving 3+ hours per week (trust me, we timed it!) = more free time for yourself or even squeezing in more classes and income!
  4. Receive payments from 35+ countries without having to pay or create any online infrastructure. We’ve done that for you, and it's fully secured by Stripe.
  5. Get reports on how many people are attending your classes, your monthly income and more analytics personal to you (feature coming soon!).
  6. Sync your bank account to withdraw your money, and sync with Zoom to create classes with 1 click only on the go (feature coming soon!).
  7. Access an international community of independent creators and teachers. This is the future of the world economy: peer-to-peer.

Need support? Contact us! Our team is your team.

How do I list my classes on the site?

It takes less than 10 min!

  1. Sign up or log in as a teacher (press “LOGIN / SIGNUP” on the top right corner of the homepage).
  2. Fill in your profile and class info.
  3. Don’t forget to make your class “Active” so that it is listed on the site. Keep it “Paused” if you want to pause it or unlist it.

Here’s a 2-min video on how to list classes: List Classes -> how to video Ilai.

How do I sign up or log in as a teacher?

Super simple! Just go to the homepage, click on “LOGIN / SIGNUP” and sign up (if it’s your first time), or log in (if you already have an account with us).


HARKALIVE is an online marketplace for dance and movement classes by independent instructors from all around the world. Imagine Airbnb, but for online classes from one home to another (and minus all the travel!). We connect freelance professionals with an International audience.

Why did we start HARKALIVE?

HARKALIVE started as a small project from Ilai’s (one of our Co-Founders) own home studio in London, as a response to the global pandemic and beyond.

Learning from our own personal experiences as we moved to a digital scenario, we realized that what we had built could help many other creators working in the dance and movement industry and change the future of how we consume and provide physical classes. That is when we opened our platform, and created this international community, putting creators at the spotlight of everything and making it super easy to discover, book and access their classes anytime, anywhere.

Who is behind HARKALIVE?

You can see more about our team here.